iPad users, get ready for the "fox" jump!

15 Jan 2013

Mozilla Corporation, widely known as a developer of one of the most popular browsers Firefox, is planning to create a mobile web browser for iPad by "fruit" corporation Apple. New Mozilla product has already received its name - Junior. It is quite possible that this new product will be a serious competitor to the proprietary browser by Apple – Safari.

By the way, the same Apple has bound third-party developers to use WebKit engine, on which Apple Safari is based. That is why the very WebKit will be the base of Junior, despite the fact that Firefox uses the Gecko. It was initially unacceptable for Mozilla, but now the company is preparing to release the original browser for iPad.
Alex Limi, a product designer at Firefox, noted that Junior would make web surfing on iPad more ergonomic and fun; it would also change approach for using a browser on this device. He thinks that Safari is not a very good solution for iPad, and, unfortunately, there has been an unpleasant experience of its usage. That's why Mozilla has decided to create something entirely new. It required inventing a web browser from scratch.
The countdown has started...
The developers have already demonstrated the first attempts of browser prototype to fill the workspace on the tablet and hide the toolbar. In this case the device gets similarity to a magazine. In addition, the developers have added two on-screen buttons. Use the right button to display a list of recently viewed pages. The left button will return you to the previous page with one click.
The new browser will also allow you to create multiple accounts for different users. Its design will be special, for example, there will be no traditional tabs. Mozilla has been developing a new browser for several months, but, nevertheless, the official Junior release date has not been announced yet.
Mozilla has acquired an international fame for its high-quality and successful "offspring". Mozilla Firefox download link is available here for free. Who knows, maybe Junior release will be a milestone event in the company’s history.

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