What is the best web browser for your computer: why should you choose Google Chrome?

28 Jan 2013

The first beta version of this software product was released in 2008. Google Chrome is now one of the most used browsers in the world and its popularity is growing day by day. There are enough good reasons for such progress. Google Chrome was originally created to be fast in all aspects of work: when you launch the web browser, load web pages, run web applications, while displaying page thumbnails on the Quick Launch, etc.
First you judge "how nice"…
Google developers paid particular attention to the interface of their offspring. The main window of Chrome is a sample of programming minimalism, as it contains only the most important information. As a result, there is much more space for a web page, and display isn’t overloaded with icons, etc. Additional gadgets are available to fill your needs.
…then you judge "how wise"
Speed. Google Chrome is based on V8 technology. This is more powerful version of the modern JavaScript engine, which runs various web applications with lightning speed. Each new release of Chrome offers increased JavaScript options and capabilities. Google Chrome users will also appreciate technologically accelerated 3D graphics. Because web applications are becoming more dynamic by the day, browsers should keep up the pace: be able to build and change elements on web pages with maximum speed.
In this view, the latest version of Google Chrome engine called Crancshaft will easily beat other browsers: Chrome loads web pages in a split second.

Security is a must-have feature for web browser. Therefore, here Google Chrome has also got ahead. For example, in most browsers such plug-ins as Adobe Flash are not a part of the system, and it makes a web browser more vulnerable. Google developers have embedded these plug-ins in Chrome browser, therefore, you don’t need to download them by yourself. Chrome’s ability to run plug-ins from a Sandbox (it is a security mechanism that prevents automatic running of suspicious applications) also increases its safety. Chrome can boast of its excellent protection from phishing and XSS attacks (HTML code insertion into a vulnerable page).
Google Chrome also has incognito surfing function: the browser does not save your user history, passwords and cookie files.

Reliability. The reliability of Google Chrome speaks for itself. Browser failure is rareness. However, if failure occurs, it can affect only a single tab, because each Chrome tab is a separate process.

Extensibility. Google Chrome supports various extensions: from entertaining games to useful extensions that block ads and pop-ups. In addition, users can change the browser appearance using available themes.

Updatability. Google Chrome updates itself automatically without any user effort. According to the developers, the browser is updated every 6 weeks. So, Google Chrome offers more frequent updates compared to other browsers.

User-friendly design. The ability to drag tabs, searching with Omnibox (search and address bar), creating bookmarks just with one click and no cluttered toolbars make Google Chrome very handy.
So, with this easy-to-use, fast and secure web browser searching and surfing the Internet will be a pleasure.

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