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  • 23.10.2012

Google Earth is a free application of the earth's three-dimensional model. Due to this program you have the possibility to view photos, maps and site plans of cities which you need.


Google Earth is a free program where entire power of the Google search engine has teamed up with satellite imagery, maps, site plans, three-dimensional models of buildings and terrains.


Now it is so easy to find a particular location! Moreover, the application is ready to "cooperate" with those users who add their photos of plans, save results of their search, settings and bookmarks to share them with millions of users around the world.


In addition, even deep seas won’t be bypassed with Google Earth. Due to Google Ocean's function anyone will be able to not just enjoy the ocean topography, but also understand ongoing processes. Also, you may become a witness of amazing discoveries made by BBC and National Geographic and explore shipwrecks, such as “Titanic” in 3D!


However, there are some drawbacks in the program. For example, the application requires increased Internet speed and hardware on your computer. The process of installation seems to be a bit difficult. You will be able to download Google Earth for free, but in two parts:  the first installation and startup are necessary to resume the rest of downloading.


Key features:


• Find your home and take a look at it from the space. Use the application to see the necessary address, intersection, city, country, postal code or the government department to determine the direction of motion.

• Explore 3D-models of buildings and terrains, twist them from all sides and angles. You can also find more detailed and high-quality models for the mountains in the latest version.

• Share your information. Millions of users daily add geographical information, photos and reviews about how to use the app.


Besides, you might be impressed by the program's simple interface where all the tools are at your fingertips. You may also use a computer mouse or a keyboard while traveling over the world.


Although the name of the program is associated with the Earth, it can also be used for visiting Mars, the Moon and other remote galaxies.


If you’ve decided to download Google Earth for free, click on this link and immerse yourself in the world of beauty!

Google Earth 6.2.2
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 32 bit, 64 bit
1 Mb

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