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  • Opera Software
  • free
  • 23.10.2012

Opera as a free web browser offers you super-fast and smooth web surfing. Having a great many handy features like Speed Dial, Opera Link, and more it provides you with a great browsing experience.


Opera is a freeware web browser that is designed for high-speed and smooth browsing and packed with multiple handy features. It has an enhanced high-speed JavaScript engine, and many performance tests confirm that Opera is the fastest web browser, so you can load webpages at lightning speed enjoying surfing the web. Having high resolution Vega graphics library built in it can load quickly even the pages that have a great many pictures. This browser supports the most up-to-date web technologies letting you enjoy interactive apps and multiplayer games.

Search suggestions, the ability to use any search engine you desire, “Find in page” feature that can simply be accessed through hot keys make your search process super-easy.

This browser offers you great possibilities for personalization and customization. Give your browser a desired appearance. You can choose any theme from the provided catalog or create your own design. Make your own keyboard shortcuts, customize mouse gestures, add, delete buttons or change their position, and more.

Use tab stacking feature to keep all opened webpages organized. To create a group of tabs just drag one tab over another one.  Accidentally closed tabs can easily be found thanks to closed tabs icon, which is to the right of tabs. You can also prevent a tab from a random closing: just use right click on necessary tab and pin it. When you hover the mouse over a tab the browser shows you its preview, so you can easily choose what you need at the moment.

Speed Dial gives you a preview of your favorite and most visited sites and access to them with one click. You can customize your Speed Dial as you want adding handy extensions that display the latest news or weather reports, and more.

You can activate Opera Turbo service to speed up your browsing process. Benefit from this great function when you are in crowded Wi-Fi hotspots.

Opera Link service keeps your browser identical whenever you are. It lets you synchronize your passwords, bookmarks, Speed Dial, and more between all your computers and mobile devices.

Click Opera download link on this page and get this web browser for free.

Opera 12.02
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 32 bit, 64 bit
12 Mb

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