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  • VicMan Software
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  • 27.12.2012
Photo! Editor is a great freeware tool for photo editing that offers multiple handy features. It is lightweight and user-friendly editor that provides fast, easy and fun photo processing.


Photo! Editor is a freeware application for photo processing. Being so lightweight it is quite powerful and full-featured. This program does what it offers fast and lets you edit your photos with ease and fun. It supports batch photo editing, so you can easily and quickly process a large number of photos. Here are listed the features of this application.Crop function helps you to select the most important aspect in a photo and improve image composition. You can enlarge or reduce pictures without noticeable loss of quality using Resample tool. Use Fix Red Eye feature that is available in automatic and manual modes to remove red eye from your images. Improve photo color, contrast, saturation, brightness, and more with Enhance Color function. You can do it automatically or manually. The Make Up feature has all necessary retouching tools to make your portrait more perfect. It lets you easily remove blemishes, whiten teeth in your photo, and many more. Titled photo can easily be fixed with Straighten tool. Just draw a line along horizontal or vertical position of the axis. You will appreciate the Denoise tool, which is designed for removing the noise from the photos taken under poor light conditions. Automatic and manual modes are available. You can significantly enhance the quality of your photos using this feature. Deblur function helps you to improve the clarity of blurry pictures. Create different lighting effects with Lighting tool. Have fun with Caricature feature of the application. Use warping effects to make hilarious caricatures from photos. Click Photo! Editor download link on this page to get this great app for free.

Photo! Editor 1.1
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
8 Mb

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