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  • UltraReach Internet
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  • 23.10.2012

UltraSurf is free software used for surfing the Internet anonymously. It lets users bypass censorship and firewalls using an HTTP proxy.


UltraSurf enables you to hide your real IP address and location. It clears visited website history, cookies, etc. The program is extremely useful for those users who prefer surfing the web safely.

With the help of the software you will be able to find access to all the sites blocked by national or corporate firewalls.


One interesting feature of the tool is that it does not require installation. The program can be run from a USB memory card, which is especially helpful in case a user has to access the Internet from the Internet club or another computer. The utility will also provide the opportunity to hide your network activity from the public.


Other features:


•        Easy to use. While using the program you have access to desired websites via UltraSurf’s servers.

•        Cross-browser. The application is compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

•        Privacy. Protect your web privacy with anonymous browsing.

•        Security. Transparent data transfer and high-level encryption of the content will enable you to browse the web with high security (e.g. when banking or shopping).

•        Freedom. The app lets you overcome the blockage and censorship.


At the same time you should bear in mind that it is impossible to check UltraSurf’s performance as it is supported only by Internet Explorer. So, it is quite difficult to see how effective the tool is on the alternative browser.

As it has been mentioned above UltraSurf is the small software. You will need to unzip the file provided that you download the zip version. Just double-click the executable file to start the program.

Overall, due to UltraSurf it is completely safe to spend your time surfing the Internet without leaving any traces.

You can use UltraSurf for free. Download it on our website and enjoy its possibilities!


UltraSurf 12.04
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 32 bit, 64 bit
2 Mb

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