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  • 23.10.2012

iTunes is a widespread digital media player that is created for organizing and playing audio and video developed by the company "Apple".


iTunes provides a user-friendly interface and a very good sound. Besides, it has the ability to copy songs to memory of portable Apple devices.


The player enables you to watch videos, listen to music, burn music CDs and DVDs, convert media files. You also have the possibility to listen to music broadcasted by Internet radio stations. The application has such splendid functions as audio visualization, multi-band equalizer, coding without interruption, volume normalization.


Moreover, iTunes is compatible with all models of iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. The player may be used for streaming video (including HDTV) and home collection, including both audio and video files and photos as well.


Key features of iTunes:


•        Multimedia library browsing.

•        Letter by letter search.

•        Data presentation in different types of display.

•        Organizing multimedia libraries.

•        Technology of creating Genius playlists (while selecting the track program offers you suitable tracks from the Internet).

•        Editing metadata of songs ("author", "performer", "cover", etc.).

•        Recording and importing songs from a CD drive.

•        Songs from the CD can be saved in the MP3, Apple Lossless, AAC, AIFF, WAV formats.

•        Playing music, movies, podcasts.

•        Ability to buy songs online.

•        Syncing with iPod, Apple TV, etc.


Another interesting advantage of iTunes is that it provides access to the company’s online store “iTunes Store”, allowing you to make different purchases and rent various movies. Starting with version 10 you will also have the opportunity to use integration into Ping music social network, which lets any user who has an account in the iTunes Store, share musical preferences with their friends.


We highly recommend video and music lovers to use free download of iTunes on our website.

iTunes 10.7
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 64 bit
77 Mb

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