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  • 4Sync Inc.
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  • 5.09.2012

4shared (4Sync) is a service that provides hosting and file sharing. Its daily traffic exceeds 300 TB. As a result of 2011 4shared was the biggest file-sharing Internet service.


4Sync is a wonderful free application that connects all your computers together. This is the easiest way to sync and back up your files. This app searches for changes in the folder on your PC and syncs them to the web account.

The program runs on multiple platforms: tablet, your computer or mobile devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone. 4Sync is similar to another archive storage service like Dropbox, which is thought to be the most popular service.

A user is required only an e-mail and password as soon as he creates a new account.

Key features:

  • Complete integration with 4shared cloud storage.
  • Folders are sorted into four main categories on the 4shared site: video, music, photos and books. Sync and store photos, music, videos, zip files and more. And then you can share them for free!
  • Users can post rating, share links with the help of foreign social networking sites, comment on them. All users have their own custom page with the typed statistics. They can also subscribe to updates that other users make and create, rename, move or delete their folders.
  • Possibility to surf or download files, including offline-viewing.
  • No additional software, irritable rules or unnecessary buttons are required.

How 4Sync works:

  • Save or edit a file placed in the 4Sync folder on one computer. Changes are instantly synchronized with another device which 4Sync is installed on (Linux, Mac, etc.).
  • Once you install the program, the 4Sync folder is created on your computer.
  • If Windows 7 is used, a tag mark is automatically created in the section "Favorites" in Windows Explorer.
  • Drag and drop folders, and they are automatically loaded into the online store. Then they are synchronized with other devices where the application was installed. The process of saving, downloading and synchronization is completely computerized.

You don't need to save files separately at all computers or waste your time downloading and uploading them to save the updates. With 4Sync you will have an opportunity to do it just once, and all the files will be available from another computer as well.

4shared Sync protects your files from viruses, the loss of any files or data, PC crashes, and all synchronized files have their back-up on your free 15GB secured account. Your music, photos, videos, and documents are secure and ready to use.

4shared Sync is free to download! Moreover, the program will give you 10GB secured online storage for your files.

The application is used to make a process of synchronizing as easy as possible. When you sign in, you will get instant access to your folders at web account.

Author Roman Softobase.

4Sync 1.0.64
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 32 bit, 64 bit
9.7 Mb

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