Mozilla Firefox for Windows

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  • 17.07.2012

Mozilla Firefox as a free cross-platform web browser offers high performance and security, great flexibility and extensibility making your browsing and search experience high-efficient.


Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world that supports multiple platforms and different mobile devices. High performance, advanced security, flexibility and extensibility are the main competitive capabilities of this web browser, which is also free for non-commercial use.

You can search and surf with ease using Mozilla Firefox. Search box in the top right corner of the Firefox window includes most popular search engines. You can customize search engine list, as you want.  Use search suggestions and smart keywords to greatly accelerate the search process. Location-Aware Browsing feature helps you find the right place or direction. You can disable this function if you don’t want to share your location. The location bar — Awesome Bar — adapts to your needs and preferences saving your time. Searching your history and bookmarks Awesome Bar offers best possible matches, so you can get desired information faster.

Last version of Mozilla Firefox brings enhanced interface that makes your browsing more efficient. There is a single Firefox button to access all menu options with ease. Single Bookmark button and Home button are available now the right of the search box. The tabs are on top above Awesome Bar so that you can focus on website content. The Awesome Bar has one Reload/Stop Button. You can create App Tabs to have frequently used sites such as Facebook, Gmail or Twitter at your hand. Firefox also shows now the thumbnails of most visited sites when you open a new tab, and this list can be customized as you wish. Switch-to-Tab feature checks if the new site you request has been already opened, and if yes, it forwards you to this site without opening a duplicate.

The latest version of this web browser has such handy feature as Sync, which synchronizes your history, passwords, tabs, and bookmarks with other PCs and mobile devices. You can activate this function by selecting Set Up Sync in Firefox menu. Then you can choose already existing Firefox Sync account or create a new one. Form Complete function remembers data when you fill out a form online and then suggests answers when you fill out another one. With Pop-Up Blocker feature pop-up windows won’t annoy you while you are browsing, you can even allows pop-ups for some sites if you want and ban them for another ones. Built-in RSS technology lets you create live bookmarks and be aware of all the latest news in the world. Enhanced Add-ons Manager enables you to find out add-ons and install them without leaving browser page, so you can add new features and extend the functionality of Firefox with ease.

Last version of Mozilla Firefox offers multiple performance enhancements such as speedy graphics rendering, faster start-up time and page loading. Enjoy uninterrupted web surfing now:  even though plugin crashes it won’t interfere with the other pages. This application supports WebGL technology that offers enhanced rendering and 3D Graphics for web development.

A great many security features such as Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing integration, Safety Updates, Private Browsing mode, Parental Control settings, Outdated Plugin Detection, and many more provide safe browsing and search experience. Click the download link on this page to get the latest version of Mozilla Firefox absolutely free.

Author Roman Softobase.

Firefox 14.0.1
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
17.7 Mb

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