Hotspot Shield for Windows

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  • AnchorFree Inc. and GMBH
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  • 24.05.2012

Hotspot Shield is a necessary utility for safe use of the Internet at public Wi-Fi hotspots. This freeware will protect you from various types of malware, spying, identity theft, and other threats.


Hotspot Shield is a freeware tool that ensures the safety of your laptop or any mobile device when you get Internet access at WI-FI hotspots and also allows you to browse your favorite sites without censorship. Hotspot Shield creates a VPN (virtual private network), which provides secure data transmission over an encrypted connection, and protects you from spying, identity theft, malware, etc. Setting an encrypted connection to its servers, Hotspot Shield redirects all traffic from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS. It assigns you a new IP address protecting your data from network spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

With this tool you can bypass firewalls and open blocked sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others in places or countries with Internet censorship. Hotspot Shield supports wireless and wired connections, Windows and Mac OS X, including new operating systems. This utility can find Wi-Fi connections close by you, works on corporate networks, and doesn't require administrative rights to install.

The application is lightweight, easy to install and use. After installation a red icon of program appears and then it will change into green one when application is active in your browser and taskbar. You can turn program on/off by clicking. To check if the connection is established select the Properties option. Details will show your VPN IP address, amount of incoming and outgoing information, and your connection duration.

Hotspot Shield provides unlimited bandwidth, automatically selects optimal server for the connection. It is regularly updated and able to protect you against a large number of malware threats. Securing your web session, credit card information and any other personal details Hotspot Shield is a must-have tool for those ones who uses public Wi-Fi hotspots.  This program is available for free download on this page.

Author Roman Softobase.

  • Mac
Hotspot Shield 2.67
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 32 bit, 64 bit
5.5 Mb

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