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  • 2.08.2012

Kang Multimedia Player (known as The KMPlayer) is a functional media player for OS Microsoft Windows. It has obtained high ratings among independent browsers and gained the best goals among the most common media players ever.


The KMPlayer plays a great number of popular audio and video formats, including DVD, 3GP, MKV, VCD, AVI, Ogg Theora, MPEG-1/2/4, OGM, WMV, RealMedia and QuickTime.The program has lots of built-in codecs and flexible configuration. Besides, it can work with plug-ins and external filters that allow you to configure audio and video files very flexibly.

With the help of this fascinating player you can view video broadcast and films recorded on CD and DVD. The program lets you play even damaged or not-fully downloaded AVI-files by skipping problematic pieces.

The KMPlayer offers a wide range of additional functions, such as support for playlists and subtitles, streaming content, panning and much more.

Key features of the KMPlayer:

  • Fully customizable player with a diversity of skins and color schemes as well.
  • Built-in codecs.
  • Locked files during their download or distributing.
  • Playing not-fully downloaded and damaged files.
  • Playing audio and video streaming.
  • Ability to use the KMPlayer as a portable player.
  • Ability to use subtitles in different formats, including .ass.
  • Integrated subtitle editor.
  • Ability to translate graphic interface in all languages through text files.
  • Ability to play a particular episode of the material.
  • Ability to use plug-ins for Winamp media player.
  • Support for compressed files (rar, zip) and DScaler external filters.
  • Support for skins.

The player has a modern design and the ability to change the hot keys. You can also take an advantage of using a large number of settings for video, which may significantly improve its quality. Apart from it, you will have the opportunity to change skins and their color and visualize audio files during playback.

You can download The KMPlayer for free and install it to enjoy its easy-to-use interface and wide opportunities which make the program one of the best for multimedia.

Author Roman Softobase.

Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7
24 Mb

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