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  • Microsoft
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  • 24.10.2012

Microsoft Office Word Viewer is a great free application for Windows OS. It enables you to view, print and copy various documents created in a text editor with no need to install Word.


This easy-to-use program supports documents with the following software package: Microsoft Office Word 2007/2003/2002, Excel and PowerPoint.

Another trick of the app is that it operates independently of Office.


Main features:

•        No installation is required. In this case, the application works just like a portable version and it can be used from any removable media, e.g., a flash drive or a removable memory card.

•        Fast print of content.

•        Opening a large number of file formats.

•        Support for DOCX files (via converter).

•        Viewing editorial changes and file properties.


The program allows you to open and print files to DOC, WPD, WPS, TXT, HTML and other text formats just the way you do with Microsoft Word. At the same time you will not have to buy any expensive licenses. Thus, you will have no problems with incompatibility of different programs. However, we should mention that it is impossible to make any changes in the documents. So, you can only view and print them out.


While you can not save any document from the application, you will have two options for getting a copy of the text. You might either print the document or copy the text and paste it into another app.


As a conclusion, the program is a great handy tool designed for opening Office docs. Those, who need just to glimpse at the document, don’t have to download large programs. They only need to download Viewer. And since it is accessible for free on our website you can have a try and download Microsoft Office Word Viewer here.

Microsoft Office Word Viewer 11.8
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 32 bit, 64 bit
25 Mb

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