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  • Siber Systems
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  • 23.10.2012

RoboForm as a handy web form filler and reliable password manager helps you to complete online forms in seconds and create strong passwords protecting your information from theft by hackers.


RoboForm is a powerful web form filler and multi-function password manager that enables you to fill in online forms with one click and generate strong passwords with ease and safety. You will save your time using this tool while filling in registration or other web forms: just indicate your personal information like e-mail, address, etc. in RoboForm Identity one time and then complete long online form in a single click. With Logins function of the program you don’t have to manually enter user name and password every time you log into a site. RoboForm stores this data reliably after your first site visit and then perform all logging steps by itself.

The program allows you not to keep all passwords in your head: you remember only one Master Password and this tool stores the rest ones. In this case strong passwords can be easily used. The application also features strong AES encryption, so you shouldn’t be worried about your safety.

This program supports different operating systems and enables you to share information between different web browsers. Everywhere service of the application lets you sync data between computers and easily get an access to Logins, Identities, etc. from any place.

RoboForm download is available on our site: get this tool from this page totally free and make your web experience easier, much more speedy and secure.

RoboForm 7.8
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 32 bit, 64 bit
12 Mb

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