TeamViewer for Windows

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  • TeamViewer
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  • 29.03.2012

TeamViewer is the good and free sowftware which allows you to gain access to remote computer even with NAT and firewalls.


TeamViewer is a great tool for remote access and assistance over the Internet. You can help your friends, relatives and colleagues to set some programs up or fix another problems with computer remotely as well as let them assist you. You will have an opportunity to show your desktop to any person from a remote location, transfer large-sized files in a crack and this is only the beginning.
This program has an user-friendly interface, and it should be easy to manage it. You can install TeamViewer or run it without an installation. In last case the program doesn’t require admin access rights. In order to get a connection TeamViewer should be run on both computers. At program startup Computer ID and the Password will be generated, and then the user who controls the process should get to know and enter another user’s login and the password. The information about previous connections is stored at TeamViewer servers, so you will get a faster connection next time.
Web-based version of TeamViewer enables you to get access to home PC from your office computer and vice versa. You will like handy options of the program: the possibility to enlarge the window to make the other user’s screen visible, great options from a drop-down toolbar. Use Actions button to toggle control rights, restart remotely and cancel remote input.
You can change the screen resolution, speed or quality and support multiple monitors with View menu.
What else makes the TeamViewer so a must-have and perfect tool?

  • It is free for personal use.
  • Instant remote assistance without the necessity of installing by the client.
  • The possibility to access your data and programs whenever and wherever you are. You can use information from the office computer when you work at home and vice versa.
  • You can collaborate online with others in a team, conduct effective presentations, chat, communicate via VoIP Audio & Video.
  • TeamViewer is secure and confidential — RSA private-/public key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding technology.
  • Nat routers, proxy servers, VPN connection between client and server for more safe screen-sharing)
  • TeamViewer doesn’t require firewall reconfiguration.
  • Do you want to get this tool right now and absolutely free? Then just click this link, download the program on your computer, try all these possibilities and enjoy.
TeamViewer 7.0.12979
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7
7.3 Mb

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