VLC Media Player for Windows

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  • 5.08.2012

VLC Media Player (formerly VideoLAN Client) is a popular universal multimedia player and streaming media server.


VLC Media Player combines both high quality and simplicity in its management. It can read partially downloaded or even corrupted files in an excellent way. Moreover, the program does not require installing any additional codecs since it already contains all of them.

One of the advantages of VLC Media Player is support for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. It is suitable for most up-to-date operating systems - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux in particular.

VLC can also play DVD and streaming unencrypted (non-DRM) Video (IPTV) and the Internet radio. Another interesting thing of this program is the ability to record streaming audio / video on the hard drive of your computer.


Main features:

  • Simplicity, speed and high power.
  • Free playlist editing.
  • Ability to play files, CDs, web cameras, devices, and streams.
  • Ability to view partially downloaded or corrupted video files.
  • Support for FTP, UDP, RTP, HTTPS, MMS, HTTP,  RTSP, IPSec, SSL / TLS. IPTV view.
  • The PNG decoder.
  • Video and audio filters.
  • Lots of additional plug-ins.
  • Support for skins.
  • Completely free. There is no spyware, advertising and tracking users.
  • Multilingual interface.

You may also enjoy an attractive user-friendly function of playlist formation. Provided that you have several short videos, you can put them on automatic playback one by one.

In addition, VLC media player is an open-source project and it is constantly developing. This wonderful feature provides us new systematic versions.

The program is believed to be the most successful in the public domain. It can boast of more than 500 million downloads worldwide. VLC may easily become a good alternative to Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or iTunes.

In case you want to play some music or video files in any format, download VLC Media Player for free without any registration.

VLC Media Player 2.0.3
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7
22 Mb

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