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  • 24.10.2012

Windows Live Messenger is an incredible way to converse with your friends. The program lets you share photos while talking and use real time communication due to a video conversation.


Windows Live Messenger (previously called MSN Messenger) is a client instant messaging program for Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista and Mobile. It features a lot of interesting and useful things, including simple chat, shared folders, audio and video conferencing, bulletin boards, etc.


The program offers a wide range of standard services like work with the contact list, emoticons, sending instant messages, voice call and video camera. One of the most pleasant features is a brand new interface with a colorful design. You may also take advantage of phone calls through the phone system MCI Web Calling for Windows Live Call. In addition, you will have the possibility to transfer documents and images.


The program has the following features:


•        Chat with all your MSN and Yahoo buddies.

•        Possibility to send a message to a fellow user even if he is off-line. Your message will be delivered as soon as the contact enters the Messenger.

•        A great choice of various games and applications that may be accessed from the conversation window.

•        Skins, sound alerts, animated avatars. The color scheme can be selected for the full application, including the status window.

•        Sharing Folders. File transfer function.

•        Multi conversation/ Group Chat.

•        Free PC-to-phone and PC-to-PC calls.

•        Compatible with most Android devices.

•        New options for contacts management.

•        A large number of emoticons and winks for chats.

•        Web or mobile interface.


We highly recommend you to use free download of Windows Live Messenger on our website!

Windows Live Messenger 14.0
Version for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 32 bit, 64 bit
1 Mb

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